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Our dumpster sizes & prices are among the top dumpster rental companies in Hampton Roads VA . Rent A Dumpster for concrete, dirt, construction debris, roof replacement projects or even household junk removal. Please consider working with We Got Dumpsters for any larger clean-up job where a dumpster rental may be the best solution for your waste management needs.

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• We offer 10-Yard, 20-Yard & 30-Yard sizes in the Greater Hampton Roads VA area.
• We deliver removal solutions for household junk, demolition debris and more.
• Contact our team members Monday - Friday to rent a dumpster or request pick-up.

Exactly How We Got Dumpsters helps with your Junk Removal needs…

• Our All-Inclusive pricing makes it easy to stay on budget for your clean-up needs.
• We will advise for the best dumpster size for your type and debris & volume.
• Do you need more time for your project? Just lengthen your rental at our low daily rate.

*Disclaimer: Roll-Off Dumpster proportions may vary marginally but volume is correct. Prices and availability are subject to change without notification.

Household & Construction Dumpsters



DIMENSIONS: 12’ LONG x 8’ WIDE X 3’ TALL / Holds Approximately ~ 3 Pickup Truck Loads
This mini dumpster is ideal for contractors and homeowners
working on renovations or small projects.
This 10-Yard Dumpster easily
fits into a driveway. Ideal for basement cleanouts, small scale
remodeling and much more.



DIMENSIONS: 16’ LONG x 8’ WIDE X 5’ TALL / Holds Approximately ~ 4 ½ Pickup Truck Loads
When space is limited, this is the perfect Roll Off when you need to get rid of junk.
This residential 15-Yard Dumpster is perfect for the small-scale renovation,
Ideal for home cleanouts, minor kitchen or basement renovations, yard cleanup projects,
seasonal cleanups and junk removal. This dumpster holds approx. 9 pickup truck loads.

***This 15-Yard Dumpster is perfect for Dirt Dumpster Rentals or Concrete Removal in Hampton Roads VA Areas*** 



DIMENSIONS: 16’ LONG x 8’ WIDE X 5’ TALL / Holds Approximately ~ 6 Pickup Truck Loads
This customer favorite is a 20-Yard Dumpster.
This construction sized dumpster can multiple room renovations, office cleanouts & demolitions.
Great for large scale basement and office building cleanouts.



DIMENSIONS: 22’ LONG x 8’ WIDE X 6’ TALL / Holds Approximately ~ 9 Pickup Truck Loads
If you are looking for a temporary dumpster for large construction and scale cleanout projects…
Then this 30-Yard Roll Off Dumpster is the right choice.
Ideal for clean up of foreclosured properties, demolition of buildings, constrution debris and clean outs.



DIMENSIONS: 22’ LONG x 8’ WIDE X 8’ TALL / Holds Approximately ~ 12 Pickup Truck Loads
The 40-Yard Dumpster may be suitable for window or siding replacements for a large house or even commercial roof tear-off.
Ideal for a commercial clean-out and new construction project.
Best for a major home addition or a construction site clean-up jobs.

Valuable Service from a Trustworthy Dumpster Company

Are you remodeling your home or office space in Hampton Roads VA area? Or are you looking uncluttering your home or office space in Hampton Roads VA? Our Hampton Roads VA dumpster rental service is here to assist with this clean-up. When you contact We Got Dumpsters to rent a dumpster… our team members will move you through the rental process and assist you in finding the best roll-off dumpster for your project or jobsite. After securing your container… WGD can deliver your Dumpster the next day. All it requires is a phone call to have your dumpster rental headedto your Hampton Roads address
Call today (757) 803-9002.

What is allowed in our Dumpster Rentals in Hampton Roads VA?

Accepted Domestic Debris

• Household Junk & Debris
• Household Yard Waste*

Accepted Building Material & Heavy Debris

• General Construction Debris & Waste


*Please contact our sales team to discover more about disposal of this material that are allow & disallowed.


What should I do before my dumpster rental arrives?

When you secure a dumpster rental…

Are you renovating your home or office in the Hampton Roads VA area? Do you need to clear out a space and pick up the waste?

Our Local Dumpster Rental Hampton Roads VA service is here to help with the clean-up. When you contact Dumpster Rental Hampton Roads VA IN to rent a dumpster, our team members will guide you through the rental process.
They will guide you through the rental process and determine the most suitable dumpster for your needs.
After securing your dumpster, we will deliver it to the address provided on the agreed upon date.
All it takes is a phone call for your dumpster to go to your Hampton Roads VA address.

Call Now (757) 803-9002 today and request your Dumpster Rental Hampton Roads VA Quote.

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What is permitted in our Dumpster?

Before you make your application. It is important that you know what household waste is received according to your local regulations. This is allowed:

Garbage and household debris.

Household yard waste*.

Accepted construction material and heavy trash.

General construction debris and waste

*Please contact our sales team to find out more about the disposal of this material which is allowed and not allowed. Call and we will be happy to assist you. You can also visit our website.

What must I do prior to my dumpster rental arrives?

When you rent a dumpster. Please make sure that the delivery area is free of any impediments. The day before the scheduled delivery of the dumpster, please clear the area in question so that our drivers can make the delivery effectively.

To place the dumpster in the driveway, you will need to move your vehicles to the road or other location. Our driver may need additional space to place the dumpster in ally’s and several other placements.

Dumpster Rental Hampton Roads VA requires a minimum of 60 feet for proper placement of dumpsters and requires 10 1/2 feet wide and 23 feet of vertical space.

If you have any questions about your delivery, please call (757) 803-9002 and we will make sure your dumpster delivery goes smoothly.

Why are some items or debris not permitted by the dumpster firms?

Dumpsters and haulers often forbid items that are hazardous to people and the environment such as asbestos products and refrigerants. Apart from dangerous materials.

These include hot water tanks, vehicle tires, and appliances, as these usually necessitate additional processing for which local landfills or recycling centers are not outfitted. That is why… some items have extra fees or effectively will not be allowed to be disposed of.

What cannot go into a dumpster?

There are some items and products that cannot go into a dumpster when you Dumpster Rental Hampton Roads VA so it is essential that you know about them so that you do not do any life-endangering irresponsibility.

Be extremely careful because it is not permitted to put the following products and items in dumpsters:

1. Electrical appliances:

It is not permitted to use the dumpster to dispose of any kind of household appliances such as heaters, refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, air conditioners, stoves, or others. The refrigerants used in these appliances are noxious to the atmosphere. It is also not authorized to use the dumpster to throw away food scraps, since they can cause the proliferation of pests. Also, you should avert disposing of mattresses and tires, since community laws prohibit it.

2. Batteries:
It is not allowed to put any kind of battery within the dumpsters. Batteries are exceedingly hazardous for the ecosystem and should consequently not be placed in rental dumpsters. The right thing to do is to call a local recycler to eliminate them from your home.

3. Aerosols:
Another product that should not be placed in landfills is aerosols. It does not matter if they are empty or with some product. Aerosols are extremely combustible and must be disposed of properly.

4. Ink and other items:
Printer cartridges should be recycled and should never be disposed of in a trash dumpster. This should also be done with pens or pencils comprising ink. These inks, besides being poisonous, can harm the dumpster. Therefore, it is best to send out these waste items to recycling centers. You should also avert from throwing chemical products such as cleaners into the dumpster. In the case of cleaners, only those that are empty are permitted.

5. Flammable materials:
No flammable materials such as oil, gasoline, explosives, or propane tanks should be placed in rental trash dumpsters. No insecticides, motor fluids or medical litter. In the case of health waste, it must abide by with safety standards and have a special collection procedure.

How do I know what size dumpster is needed?

The size of the dumpster you want will hinge on the size of your construction site and the amount of waste you need to collect. Dumpster Rental Hampton Roads VA are measured in cubic yards. A cubic yard is 3 feet long by 3 feet wide and 3 feet high. A small container can be used for garage or basement cleaning, kitchen renovating, or bathroom changes. In those cases, a 10-yard dumpster will probably fit.

These dumpsters weigh between 1 and 3 tons and have a storage volume comparable to 3 trucks.

However, there are bigger dumpsters for bigger jobs such as landscaping, roofing, home renovating. In those cases, a 20-yard dumpster may be adequate. It can also be used for moving or landscaping work. The cost disparity between a 20-Yard Dumpster and a 30-Yard Dumpster is not much… You may like to contemplate the bigger option.

In the case of office or home construction work, i.e., larger projects, the perfect dumpsters are those evaluating 30 and 40 yards. These dumpster rentals are large so that a large amount of waste away can be transferred.

How long can you keep a rented dumpster?

Debris dumpster typically are rented for a period of 14 days which could be lengthened if required. When the dumpster is full… it should be eliminated instantly.

If you have any questions about your delivery, please call (757) 803-9002 and we will make sure your dumpster is delivery method goes efficiently.

Our team is here to resolve any issues you may have regarding renting a dumpster.

Whenever you want a Dumpster Rental Hampton Roads VA you can call us for instant readiness. Please avert being punished for not picking up your trash as it need be.

Tips for using a trash can.

Debris dumpsters will always be safe when essential preventative methods are taken to forestall accidents.

The first guidance we can give you in general is to use the Dumpster Rental Hampton Roads VA to dispose of the products that are authorized, otherwise you can harm someone else.

Use shielding equipment!
Everybody involved in the work must wear the correct protective gear to avert mishaps. Accessories such as gloves, helmets and eye protection should be worn. Realize that the wind can blow a fragment of dirt into your eyes.

Do not overfill trash bags. One of the ways to avert accidents when using a dumpster is to avoid overloading the waste bags. Bags should be easy to carry and must never be tossed or placed over the head.

Do not overload the roll-off containers. If the dumpster has achieved its capacity, do not overload it, as it could become catastrophic.

Clean-up the trash around the dumpster. It is routine for some trash to fall to the ground. In this case it is prudent to remove it to avert falling.

Never stand close to the dumpster when it is being collected. Make sure you place the container in a well-light area.

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Along with, you will not have to worry about your dumpster rental process. Our team will answer to any issues you may have… We will support you in picking the right dumpster size. We will get your dumpster rental setup in just a few moments.

Your dumpster will be taken to you and picked up on time. With our long-term rental periods you will not have to hurry on the jobsite. When you work with, We Got Dumpster you will get:
• All-Inclusive prices.
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• Flexible delivery & pick-up occasions.
• Considerable weight limits & rental periods.

Dumpster Rental in Norfolk VA

We will give you that limitless personal service. If you are fatigued with poor dealings, no-show dumpster delivery companies, missed dumpster pickups, mysterious charges & fees, or just dealing with firms that do not seem to care about your company… Call us today!

We are dedicated to customer satisfaction!

Please contemplate working with an Hampton Roads VA dumpster rental firm that care about your company!



• Residential Containers
• Construction Containers
• Many Containers Sizes
• Concrete Containers
• Dirt Containers

Residential Dumpster Rental in Virginia Beach VA—If you have been working on a home restoration, renovation, or spring & fall clean-up, you will possibly need some waste or trash that requires to be eliminated. This amount of litter is considerably more than you can get rid of on your monthly or weekly garbage pickup. When you contact, We Got Dumpsters we can deliver a simple solution that is pleasant to your budget. Pondering your needs… We Got Dumpsters will suggest a dumpster that satisfies your requirements without being over-sized, cost prohibited. When we have perfected the specifics of your drop-off & pick-up… you can start to concentrate on the job and not your waste management needs. Trust us that we will show up in the delivery window assured… you will not have linger around for us.


Construction Dumpster Rental in Newport News VA—We recognize that staying on schedule is especially important in the construction company. If your firm promises a fixed deadline… you need your container partner to perform! We Got Dumpsters wishes to associate with you to keep your plan on budget. You can focus on the job… understanding that we will provide your dumpster on time. We Got Dumpsters understands that your financial plan must be met as well. By assisting you in determining the perfect dumpster size for your building job… We help you not overspend on your roll-off container service. With We Got Dumpsters you will stay on budget, on track & on time.

Commercial Dumpster Rental in Williamsburg VA—Irrespective of whether you own a retail business, a storeroom, an office building, construction site or anything else… We Got Dumpsters will boost your business with the right dumpster solution in Hampton Roads VA IN. We will provide the perfect dumpster for your property cleanout or renovation job. Realizing that your budget is vital for profitability, our team will safeguard that you get the right sized roll-off container devoid of paying for more than require. We could deliver & pickup with-out you being onsite… so you can remain fixated on your essential business’s activities.

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