Become a Dumpster Hauler

If you are a local dumpster hauler and interested in getting more business opportunities… We Can Help! Please let We Got Dumpsters know and we will put together a win/win business relationship. Our company will never sell leads! You will never have to pay us a commission! We just bring incremental sales to your business!

When a customer calls We Got Dumpsters, our customer service team works to provide the best roll-off dumpster solution while providing great customer care… just like your company would. We provide rates, terms and answer any questions the customer might have. We collect payment from the customer and your business collects payment from We Got Dumpsters. The customer is then delivered the dumpster for their waste management needs.

We Got Dumpsters Handle Everything Below:

  • We handle all aspects of online marketing.
  • Completely educating the customer about their needs & our dumpster service.
  • Customer Quotes are given on the phone or online
  • Always Working to receive business referrals
  • All Payment Collections
  • Merchant Processing
  • We Send Receipt along with confirmation & Terms of Service
  • We Schedule Pick-Ups
  • Extensions
  • Overages
  • Customer Issues & Questions
  • Permits (if needed)

We deliver our top local dumpster haulers with 25-50 new dumpster orders per month.

We are a regional company looking to grow regionally. We have been in waste management and dumpster rental business for over 20+ years. We know your business and we also know the online marketing world. We have rented 1,000’s dumpsters and consider ourselves to experts in the industry. If your business can handle more sales and you are interested in learning more how we can help your monthly sales… Please contact Dave at (301) 328-2001 or by just filling out the form below. By partnering with We Got Dumpsters you have nothing to lose and a ton of business revenue to gain.

If you are a local dumpster hauler and interested in getting more business opportunities… We Can Help!

We Sell Dumpsters…Not Leads!


Here are our current areas for Dumpster Rental Services: