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Junk Removal in Silver Spring MD
Junk Removal in Silver Spring MD
Junk Removal in Silver Spring MD
Junk Removal in Silver Spring MD
Dirt Dumpster Rental

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  Clean Dirt Dumpster Rental

Are you looking for a dumpster for dirt removal?  Are a homeowner managing your own yard restoration job… then you might not be cognizant that dirt dumpsters are unique from a debris dumpster, that you might use for a demolition jobs or other types of waste management efforts.  Because dirt is not taken to a Landfill but discarded in a much different approach.  This causes a price disparity in the cost of the container rental and requires that you follow certain rules when filling up your container.  Does this sound confusing?  Never fear… the waste management specialists at We Got Dumpster are here to ensure that you get the clean dirt dumpster you need to    make your task as straightforward and convenient as possible!

We offer 2 sizes of dumpsters for clean dirt removal: 10-yard dumpster & 20-yard dumpster.  We don’t offer larger bins for dirt disposal for 2 reasons. The 1st reason is that even for large jobs, a 20-yard dumpster is commonly sufficient to meet the customer’s requirements.  The 2nd reason is that dirt is extremely heavy. There are weight limits for the clean dirt dumpsters because the trucks that haul-away the containers are extremely heavy.

Please keep in mind when getting your dirt dumpster ready for removal… Dirt is extremely heavy It’s a very good idea to protect the surface/site where you are placing the clean dirt dumpster. To minimize the prospect of damage… We recommend putting plywood barrier between the dumpster and the surface. You likewise want to make sure that only clean dirt goes into the dumpster.

Please remember you can put in a blend of grass & dirt into a dumpster… But doing so implies that the dumpster can’t go to a dirt-only site because of probable of insecticide contamination. Because of this contamination your mixed dirt & grass disposal will cost you more money.   Please contact us today if you have any further inquiries about a dirt removal dumpster or to schedule your rental now.


Dirt Removal & Hauling

Rent a Dumpster for Dirt

Even though it’s natural and comes from nature, dirt cannot be discarded just anywhere. Renting a dumpster for bulk dirt removal is an efficient approach. Learn all about this and other dirt removal approaches that will work for your job.

It’s only dirt… Why can’t it be dumped anywhere?

This is a key misunderstanding that can get you in hot water with regional, state, and even federal agencies. Just because dirt comes from nature doesn’t mean you can dump it in a regional woodlands, open grounds, unoccupied land, parks, or any other community area.

Environmentally friendly laws control where dirt can be dumped. These laws vary from state to state and municipalities. If you intend to manage the dirt elimination on your own… Be informed about the regional laws concerning dirt and inert waste removal.

Are You Excavating a Ton of Dirt?

Whether you’re digging ditches, grading a foundation, or maybe investing in a new driveway… You are dealing with a lot of dirt. Digging out of the ground is one thing… But you need to plan on what to do with the dirt. Hauling dirt away can be a significant challenge.

How do you haul and discard of dirt in a cost-effective and eco-friendly manner?

There are really 2 ways to get rid of excess dirt…

An enormous amount of dirt won’t likely fit in the back Home Depot Rental Pick-up Truck. Additionally… I’m sure you have more important thing to do than manually move dirt.



Here are two popular ways to move dirt:

  • Roll-Off Dumpster Rental – With big open dumpster that is built to carry heavy loads… These roll-off containers are an extremely popular way to haul-away dirt. Clean Dirt Dumpster arrival and pick-up can be easily arranged and the rate at WGD are often uncomplicated and All-Inclusive pricing.
  • What does Clean Dirt Dumpster mean? We recycle the dirt we receive… Dirt can never be mixed with anything else. Such as… Lumber, Concrete, Roofing, Construction Debris, or any other types of trash. If this happens, we cannot recycle this dirt and have to dump it at the Landfill… This Extremely Heavy Load of Dirt will be treated as trash and weighed & priced accordingly.                (This becomes a very expensive issue for the customer)


  • Consider Hiring a Junk Removal Firm – Even though their trucks are usually smaller than roll-off dumpsters, junk removal firms can prove themselves to be of value, particularly with small quantities of dirt. Prior to employing a junk removal firm, it’s best to confirm that they do truly handle dirt removal.


DIRT DISPOSAL – Rules & Regulations

Dirt is common element of nature, so you can dump it almost anywhere… Correct? The answer is WRONG. Regardless of its worldly beginnings, we cannot merely dump dirt in any regional park, playing field, woodland, or private land you come across. Environmentally friendly regulations on the state & local levels regulate where you can unload our dirt dumpster. So how does someone discard clean dirt?

  • Transfer Stations and Landfills – Neighboring landfills, transfer stations and other certified dump sites are outfitted to manage dirt discarding. Fortuitously, dirt dumpster rental companies and junk removal firms will regularly know where to go and accomplish this for you.
  • Send to Supplier – Dependent upon the condition and substance of the dirt, several landscape firms or builders may well be interested in getting the dirt. Call around to local firms to find out more about this opportunity.
  • Polluted or Contaminated Dirt – If your dirt is mixed with any contaminated, dangerous, or combustible materials, then it cannot be hauled by a dumpster rental firm or dumped in any of our regular dirt recycling facility. Dirt will need to be examined by a soil engineer and sent to a treatment facility.


As you can see… there’s more to the hauling and disposal of dirt than meets the eye.

You may have guessed… A lot thought and preparation goes into dirt dumpster rentals! Please give us a call to discuss and question you may have about hauling, dump sites, weight limits or any other questions you may have

We hope this bit of information was useful. Please consider partnering with We Got Dumpsters on you next waste management job.


Dumpster Rental for Brush & Landscaping

Do you require a dumpster rental for a landscaping plan?  We Got Dumpster can help you if you are preparing ahead or need a next-day dumpster delivery because you started yard work and now understood that your design is larger than you originally thought!  Just give WGD a call!

Costs for containers filled with organic raw material are lesser than prices for other types of dumpsters… because the matter is eco-friendly!  You absolutely want to make sure to stipulate that you need a container for a landscaping job. You also need to make sure that only eco-friendly material goes into your dumpster… This is going to save you money!

Organic Matter Includes: flowers, wood, trees, shrubs, logs, grass clippings, leaves & brush.  These materials can “All” go into a brush & landscaping container. This may help keep your rates as low as possible.

What are motivations that you may decide to rent a dumpster to take care of your yard debris?  You may think a dumpster will   only benefit you with enormous tasks, but dumpsters can be beneficial for less significant-scaled jobs as well. You could use roll-off dumpsters for regular seasonal landscape gardening, eliminating lawn debris, tree-cuttings, shrub thinning, brush elimination, residential landscape redesigning, commercial landscape gardening, and clean-up after damaging storms.   They can demonstrate to more cost-effective than regular trash removal, as well as being better for our environment and delivering an simpler option to bagging, cutting, or bundling yard excess.  You can effectively save hours of effort if you streamline your disposal method with proper planning of your waste management dumpster.

Whether you are a landowner, homeowner, a evening landscaper, or a landscape professional… We Got the Dumpsters to assist and streamline your work.  Contact us today to schedule your rental now a dumpster delivery. Please consider letting WGD assist in hauling away “Stuff” to aid you in making your yard look great!


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