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Junk Removal in Washington DC
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Junk Removal in Washington DC
Junk Removal Howard County MD…
Dumpster Rental Indianapolis IN
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Junk Removal in Washington DC

Junk Removal Washington DC…


We Got Dumpsters- Junk Removal Washington DC is a junk-removal firm serving Maryland & Washington DC. Hauling away unwanted items, old appliances, old furniture, and yard waste. We can help clean-out of an attic, basement, warehouse, office, yard, or a garage. We even get rid of a shed if needed. We Got Dumpsters- Junk Removal offers the guaranteed lowest costs. Not only do we pledge the best rates, but we also guarantee your satisfaction. We Got Dumpsters- Junk Removal Washington DC is a dedicated, Eco-friendly recycling firm. When we haul away your junk, we do not just take it to the nearest landfill. We sort through it.

  • Recycle– We recycle as much of your junk as conceivable. We are doing our part to go green.

  • Donate– Everything usable we donate to local charities. We donate everything that can be saved.

  • Landfill– Whatever cannot be re-claimed ends up here, and you can rest certain knowing that with our help, your junk was disposed of correctly.


Our staff of trained experts will haul away your clutter & trash. We Got Dumpsters- Junk Removal has the equipment, trucks, and abilities needed to remove your junk dependably, thoroughly, and promptly. With the guaranteed lowest cost, why would anyone call anyone else? If your business or homes is in Maryland & Washington DC, please consider calling us.


Junk Removal – Is a 100% Satisfaction Service

At We Got Dumpsters- Junk Removal , we are a flat rate disassembly & removal specialist. We do not work on an hourly charge… so you can rest assured that our movers will work efficiently and not take part in any price extortion. We offer dependable service and have several repeat customers.


We Got Dumpsters- Junk Removal is a family owned and operated firm with a lot of expertise in disassembling and hauling in Washington DC & MD Metro areas.


Because We Got Dumpsters- Junk Removal is a family owned & operated waste management business, we can offer great workable pricing. We are not subject to corporate policies and therefore we can beat most of our competitor costs. In addition to disassembling and removal services in Maryland & Washington DC… We Got Dumpsters offers roll-off dumpsters, hauling and junk removal in the Baltimore and Washington DC metro areas.


What is Junk Removal Washington DC?

Junk Removal Maryland is a service we provide to have almost any kind of trash removed from your home or business.


We remove large items like old appliances and old furniture, we do full house clean-outs, we offer demolition in many areas, we pick-up all kinds of waste and construction debris from property clean outs. Almost anything and everything (excluding hazardous waste) can be handled by We Got Dumpsters- Junk Removal MD.

For Junk Removal MD… All you need to do is simply make an appointment. Our crews show up on time with the right equipment and you job gets done & you are free of your junk!


Junk Removal in Washington DC

We understand that people regard “their stuff” in different ways… “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. But when it’s time for trash removal… We can help!  At We Got Dumpsters – Junk Removal we deliver an extensive junk removal experience… our skilled team members are from the Baltimore metro area; we will perform all the tasks needed to certify your experience with us is effortless & stress-free from start to finish. If you’re a landlord, homeowner, a commercial property owner, or a contractor… Please consider working with our team.


Our Junk Removal Services Include:

• Attic Clean-Outs—Service used to sort & organize a lifetime of “Stuff”
• Basement Clean-Outs— Service used to clear-out a basement
Estate Clean-Outs— After the loss of a loved one… We Can help!
• Garage Clean-Outs— Service used to unclutter garages & other areas
• House Clean-Outs— Working on a foreclosed home? We can help prepare your home for resale.


Our Approach to Junk Removal in Washington DC

Our residential junk removal offers an easy answer for clearing out clutter and hauling away annoying junk. Supporting homeowners and tenants in finding an easy answer for clearing out unwanted junk. We are not the HVAC guy… We show up on time and get the job done swiftly.

You can feel good about working with us because we get the job done rapidly and skillfully. We reprocess more than our competitors. You can also consider us for your “green option” for junk removal MD.

People love us because we provide the highest level of competence along with exceptional customer service. You get a no-hassle experience with honest pricing, easy scheduling along with fast service. Please call today and schedule an appointment for your Junk Removal in MD. When you are ready… We will arrive and haul away your junk & sweep everything clean again.


Are you looking for a Dumpster Rental for Junk Removal in DC MD or Northern VA? Try our All-Inclusive Pricing at We Got Dumpsters. Our Rent A Dumpster serves Washington DC, Maryland, and All of Virginia. When the time arises for a Roll-Off Container or Dumpster Rental… You can Trust We Got Dumpsters.


If you need Junk Removal Washington DC, we can help with your waste management needs. We Got Dumpsters – Junk Removal DC MD & NOVA is not a national franchise that needs to over-charge to make ends meet because they must pay their many franchise fees. Included in our Junk Removal Service area of the Baltimore & Washington DC Metro Area.


Washington DC Junk Removal Services:

  • •Appliance Recycling
    • Basement and Garage Clean Out
    • Carpet Removal
    • Computer Recycling
    • Construction Debris Removal
    • Dirt and Rock Removal
    • Electronics Recycling
    • Estate Clean Out
    • Foreclosure and Eviction Cleanup
    • Furniture Removal
    • Hoarding Cleanup
    • Hot Tub Removal
    • House and Apartment Clean Out
    • Mattress Disposal
    • Office Clean Out
    • Refrigerator Removal
    • Yard Waste Removal
Please contact We Got Dumpsters – Junk Removal for the best possible value in removing that unwanted junk.


Clean-Out Services

Foreclosure Cleanout Services

One of the problems with foreclosed homes is the junk left by former owners. Regrettably, many prior residents have not enough or no motivation to clean their foreclosed residence when they relinquish the home.

Though a slight house cleaning is almost always a certainty. When a real estate expert is required to put a foreclosed residence on the market for sale… there is regularly a demand for a major foreclosure clean-up.

The question for realtors is whether the task should be done themselves or by a subcontracted?

In most situations, a foreclosed residence requires a great deal of planning before it can be shown for an open house. And when a realtor has a large supply of emptied homes the best methodology is to hire a foreclosure clean-out firm. The reason for this is simple… while cleaning & repairing a foreclosed investment property is vital, the real challenge is carting away the hot tub, old furniture, old appliances, and undesirable items that were left behind.

The standard foreclosed investment property necessitates a great deal of work before it is even in a state to be put up for sale. REOs, short sales and foreclosure transactions are difficult and time sensitive. Subsequently, property clean-ups are frequently needed on short notice and clean-outs need to be finalized within a strict timeframe.

Once you choose to subcontract the debris elimination for a foreclosed residence, choose a firm that is a good fit for you job and budget.

We Got Dumpsters- Junk Removal is a great partner for foreclosure clean-out services for real estate professionals across the area. You can always depend on WGD-Junk Removal for speedy, dependability and trustworthiness!

Estate Clean-out Services

An estate clean-out is often necessary because of a key regime change within the family, the demise of a family member, a separation, or debilitating debt. Additionally, there are almost 10,000 Americans turning 65 every day! There are numerous others who just need assistance with an estate downsize or clean-up.

Irrespective of the motives, the undertaking of eliminating old furniture, old appliances can be challenging and difficult.

Often, an aging parent or grandparent will have amassed years of bits and pieces that may fill both the residence and the garage. This doesn’t even incorporate the potential of rented storage units. The good news is you do not have to do it all by yourself… Call We Got Dumpsters- Junk Removal and let us help with your estate clean-out.

You need a firm that is on time, understanding, and considerate while treating you with a supporting hand. When feasible, we will contribute as many undesirable elements as we can. With years of knowledge in helping our customers with estate clean-outs you want to lean on a waste management partner you can trust.

Whether you are processing an estate sale, are merely cost-cutting… Dealing with the overwhelming and sensitive task of emptying the home of a departed relative, we can help you. Our estate clean-out services are used by landowners, lawyers, banks and homeowners who need to dispose of unwanted and unnecessary items, property left behind. Having excessive clutter or junk may thwart or slow down the selling of an estate.


Garage Cleanout Services

If you can park your vehicles in your garage…you are in a minority group. Less than 20 percent of owners and renters in the United States truly use the garage for parking vehicles. In my reality… My wife uses the garage as a 2nd shed

The dilemma with garages as a storage unit is not a lack of space… but exactly how do we best use the current area. Irrespective of whether you have a small-scale garage, one vehicle garage or a large three car configuration.

A garage clean-up and looking organized will make your garage space appealing and functional.

Desire to understand how to clean-out the garage right now. Let WED-Junk Removal take care of the waste and undesirable junk from your garage. Our business & residential junk removal offers an straightforward answer for cleaning the clutter and letting the professionals haul away undesirable junk.

People like We Got Dumpsters- Junk Removal because we deliver a high level of expertise and excellent CS. You will have a no-hassle event with uncomplicated pricing, straightforward scheduling, and speedy service. Please schedule a no-commitment meeting, and when you say YES… We will haul-away your junk so you can find something else to worry about.

Junk from a garage clean-out doesn’t have to end up in a landfill. We Got Dumpsters- Junk Removal recycles as much as possible. Allow yourself to feel good about being eco-friendly.

We also send out all operational items to our local non-profits & donation facilities, which supports our community while diminishing landfill waste.


 Yard Waste Removal

Yard waste clean-up isn’t merely a job for grass and leaf elimination. It can also include any number of things you have cut, trimmed, or dug up in your yard. While you could get by with your residential green waste bin, if sprucing-up your home becomes a big undertaking, you may generate more waste than your green bin can handle.

Winter weather can leave a lot of debris on your estate… such as tree limbs, twigs, and piles of leaves. Our Spring weather regularly brings back lawns and the necessity for landscaping work. Additionally, your new horticultural or landscape gardening plans can also produce piles of debris and dirt.

Yard waste removal is regularly a seasonal practice. As an example, our winter months are marked by abandonment and the damage of things left outside. With springtime in the air… The most orderly residence can end up with undesirable or broken-down appliances and loads of attire that is damaged or a little old-fashioned.

You don’t want to let waste sit around your residence. It can be hazardous to your loved ones, not to mention a blemish in the neighborhood. Nevertheless, you may find that you have spawned more waste and debris than you anticipated… Just contact We Got Dumpsters- Junk Removal.

If you do not want the junk to remain, hire a yard waste removal company to tidy up the mess is a great solution. Maybe you have never thought about hiring a skilled junk hauling company for your yard waste disposal requirements. Huge amounts of trimmings, shrub border, and organic compost waste and debris may seem like an uncommon thing for a junk removal company to deal with….

Actually… We Got Dumpsters- Junk Removal Washington DC will get rid of almost all types of yard debris, including:

  • Twigs
  • Cuttings
  • Landscaping Debris
  • Earth
  • Dirt
  • Stumps
Additionally…We focus in hauling all types of debris produced by residential landscape gardening and improvement jobs such as fencing, kindling, wood, old timber, plasterboard, and other waste resources, as well as yard excess recycling.


Your lawn mowing equipment has possibly lasted years and is as good as any for a possible break down. Perchance you have decided to upgrade something of the lasted and greatest. In fact, updating can be a clever option for several reasons. The newer models of lawn mowing equipment and other landscape gardening devices are more economical and less detrimental to the environment than many of the older devices.

If your garage has old-fashioned lawn mower, old edger or other undesirable landscaping equipment just taking up room… what ought you do with them? Lawn mower discarding could be a dilemma since getting rid of damaged or outdated lawn mowers and additional landscaping equipment, can be a challenging, awkward, and nasty job.

Good news is that We Got Dumpsters- Junk Removal offers appliance disposal & recycling for all kinds of landscaping stuff. WGD offers junk removal services and will recycle old appliances and old lawn mowing equipment. No worries from us…. the scope of the job or number of tools will take a huge weight off your shoulders. To go one step further… We also work with scrap metal pick-ups!


Hot Tub Removal

If you have a Jacuzzi or old hot tub still resting on your backyard or deck… It has almost certainly developed into a hazard and eyesore. So just how do you take care of hot tub elimination? You cannot just drag it away all by yourself. In fact, getting rid of old machines is very similar to hot tub and spa removal. Both are challenging and should be left to the professional Junk Remover guys! Hot tub removal is not a DIY job for 99% of homeowners!

Hot tub removal is extremely labor-intensive process for homeowners. After you have the hot tub broken down into parts, but you still must understand how and where to discard of all these parts. Larger appliances like hot tubs are tricky to pick-up and move around. You need to know where to transport it once you have loaded everything into your Home Depot Truck Rental. You absolutely cannot put this stuff on the sidewalk for trash day. Additionally… The local landfill or metropolitan dump facility will not take it.

Although you do have other opportunities, please keep in mind that We Got Dumpsters- Junk Removal ensures cost-effectiveness, reliable and Eco-friendly hot tub removal and discarding. Thanks to We Got Dumpsters- Junk Removal… you do not have to be bothered about the pick-up or disposal of that old tub.  Just call WGD and we will do all the business and muscle work for you. Merely show us where the old hot tub is and our team of professionals will remove, break down and haul it away in our dedicated junk removal truck.

Additionally… We ensure your old spa or old hot tub will be removed of effectively. In many cases, hot tubs can be brought to a recycling center to make sure it is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

Trash Removal in Washington DC

Occasionally you find that springtime cleaning, or just a large family event or office occasion, means you unexpectedly must get rid of a huge amount of trash that you cannot discard yourself.

Of course… you could harass your friends and possibly rent a truck at Lowes. You can even hire a neighborhood guy that owns a truck. Or you may well choose the professional road and employ a skilled trash hauling firm. With a professional team on site… you understand the work will be completed swiftly, effectively, and totally. You will never have to deal with public dumping fees or potential of fines. Not everything needs to go to the dump… Please consider hiring us to go to the dumps for you!!

With a qualified service company, any reusing and repurposing of suitable objects will be taken care of so you! You will have the pleasure of being a “great citizen” devoid of grappling with the objective of where to take which items.



When it comes to larger garbage elimination and trash hauling, having a skilled and well-trained team at WGD will ensure everything goes according to plan! Every single item that can and ought to be recycled is taken care of appropriately. If your waste removal plan is on-going… you can also select for a self-service trash dumpster rental plan.

Securing a dumpster rental gives you the capability of loading debris and waste at your convenience and on your timetable. It can be beneficial to have a dumpster on site to throw away trash and additional waste as you work. When you done and the dumpster is full… Just let us know and we’ll pick it up!

Got Dumpsters- Junk Removal offers economical, reliable, and Eco-friendly garbage hauling and removal services. Our skilled team will breakdown and haul-off any types of trash and garbage you may have.

Full-Service Junk Removal

Our trained experts will get there on time at your location in our junk removal trucks. We Got Dumpsters- Junk Removal team will evaluate the job with you, verify your free estimate!


Junk Removal Service – Washington DC Metro Areas

If you are a business owner… We do have services catered for you:


Offering Eviction Clean-Outs in Maryland

Foreclosure Clean-Outs in Washington DC

Yard Waste Removal in Montgomery County MD

Junk Removal in Maryland & Washington DC 

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